Saudi Thriller ‘Mandoob’ Triumphs Over ‘Wonka’ with Record-Breaking Local Opening

In a surprising turn of events, the Saudi Arabian film industry has taken center stage as the thriller ‘Mandoob’ outshines the global blockbuster ‘Wonka’ to secure a record-breaking local opening. This triumph not only signifies the growing prowess of Saudi cinema but also reflects the audience’s increasing appetite for homegrown storytelling.

Controversies Surround Disney’s Upcoming ‘Snow White’ Reboot, Set to Release in 2024

Disney’s forthcoming live-action adaptation of ‘Snow White’ is generating a flurry of controversies, making it feel more like ‘Snow White and the Seven Debacles.’ From racial backlash to alterations in traditional canon, the film seems to be attracting criticism from multiple angles. Let’s delve into the reasons behind the growing discontent surrounding this reimagined princess tale.