Miss Europe Switzerland’s Queenissima of Sustainability: Natalie Spivak’s Red Carpet Revolution

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the captivating life and aspirations of Natalie Spivak, Miss Europe Switzerland. From her humble beginnings to her remarkable journey in the world of fashion and philanthropy, Natalie shares her story with grace and determination.

Natalie’s Journey

Natalie‘s journey into the world of fashion began at a tender age when she was discovered by a photographer at just 14 years old. Since then, she has graced the runways of prestigious fashion events worldwide, including Milan, Paris, London, and New York Fashion Weeks. Her passion for modeling has allowed her to work with renowned designers and photographers, showcasing their creations on the grand stages and red carpets of Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Zurich Film Festivals, billboards in United States and Europe.

Celebritie‚Äôs designer, member of UNESCO: Guzal @guzaljon, Photo: Reto Turotti@reto.turotti, MUAH: Sabina Markovic @sabonya82, Retouch: Lesia Shevchenko@lexia.retouch,  PR: @toppragency, Nails: Pedora Tetiana @tanya___tanyusha, Jewellery: Zemphira @zemphira_jewellery

Beyond the glamour of the fashion industry, Natalie’s heart beats for philanthropy. Her encounter with a group of talented orphan girls ignited her passion for helping others achieve their dreams. Through her efforts, she brought joy and opportunity to these aspiring youngsters, demonstrating the power of kindness and generosity.

Dreams and Aspirations

Natalie’s dreams extend far beyond the runway. With unwavering determination, she steps in journey for Miss Europe, not for the title’s sake but for the platform it provides to amplify positivity and kindness in the world. Her vision includes creating a world free from addictions, advocating for freedom and well-being for all.

Advice for Aspiring Competitors

To fellow competitors, Natalie offers words of encouragement and wisdom. She emphasizes the importance of a positive attitude, ambition, and continuous personal growth. Aspiring beauty queens are reminded that success is not merely about winning titles but about embracing responsibility and nurturing a lifelong journey of self-improvement.

Designer: Lionell Christian Lanuzo @chrislanuzo14,Photo: Reto Turotti @reto.turotti, Retouch: Iryna Voitenko @by_i.voitenko, PR: @toppragency, MUAH: Sabina Markovic @sabonya82, Nails Artist: Pedora Tetiana @tanya___tanyusha, Rings: Zemphira @zemphira_jewellery

Lifestyle and Commitment

For Natalie, lifestyle is a daily commitment to self-perfection. She strives to elevate her soul, spirit, body, and mind, believing that there are no limits to personal growth. Her dedication to excellence is reflected in every aspect of her life, from the runway to her advocacy for sustainability in fashion.

Designer: Queenissima @queenissima,Photo: Luigi Saggese @luigisaggese7, PR: @toppragency, MUA: Sabina  Markovic @sabonya82, Hair: Chicca Ortu @chiccaortu41, Nails Artist: Pedora Tetiana @tanya___tanyusha, Earrings: Zemphira @zemphira_jewellery

Future Projects

Looking ahead, Natalie envisions a future filled with purpose and impact. Her plans include furthering her career in the fashion industry while championing sustainable practices. As Miss Europe Switzerland she aims to elevate Switzerland’s presence in the global fashion scene, emphasizing the country’s natural beauty and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Designer: Queenissima @queenissima, Photo: Anas Khabir @anaskhabir , PR: @toppragency, MUAH: Sabina  Markovic @sabonya82, Nails: Svitlana Zakrenychna @xvsvetlana, Jewellery: @zemphira_jewellery

Sustainable Fashion Art Queenissima

Driven by her passion for sustainability, Natalie has initiated a groundbreaking project in the realm of fashion. Recognizing the environmental impact of the industry, she endeavors to transform old or unwanted garments into wearable works of art from daily life to red carpets. Through her sustainable fashion art project Queenissima, Natalie aims to raise awareness and inspire change in the fashion industry and contribute to saving the Planet .

Designer: Queenissima @queenissima,Photo: Luigi Saggese @luigisaggese7 , PR: @toppragency, MUA: Maria de Rosa @mary_mua77, @lapalestra.dei.collaboratori, Hair: Sabina  Markovic @sabonya82, Nails Artist: Pedora Tetiana @tanya___tanyusha, Earrings: Zemphira @zemphira_jewellery

In Natalie Spivak, we find not just a beauty queen but a beacon of inspiration and hope. Her journey exemplifies the power of resilience, kindness, and unwavering determination. As she continues to pursue her dreams and make a difference in the world, Natalie reminds us all that with passion and purpose, anything is possible.

Connect with Natalie and get inspired by Queenissima on Instagram: @queenissima

Cover picture by: Celebrities designer, member of UNESCO: Guzal @guzaljon, Photo: Samopho Productions @samopho, MUAH: Sabina Markovic @sabonya82, PR: TOP PR Agency @toppragency, Nails: Pedora Tetiana @tanya___tanyusha, Jewellery: Gavivi @gavivi.jewellery

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