The Inspiring Journey of Julia: From Vacation to Vocation

In the picturesque landscape of Thailand, amid the chaos of an unforeseen war, Julia found her calling. What began as a vacation turned into a life-changing journey, leading her to embrace the realms of yoga and real estate. Her story is not just about personal growth but about making a significant impact on others’ lives.

From Kyiv to Thailand: A New Beginning

When the war erupted, Julia’s vacation in Thailand became a permanent stay. Her relatives, concerned for her safety, urged her not to return to Kyiv. Stranded on a serene island, Julia found herself at a crossroads, unsure of her next steps. It was during this uncertain period that she began volunteering online, immersing herself in yoga, and eventually founding a real estate and rental company.

The Genesis of Dual Pursuits: Spirituality and Business

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Julia’s journey is marked by a harmonious blend of spiritual development and business acumen. After a profound vipassana experience with monks at the Dipabhavan Retreat Center, she decided to delve deeper into yoga. This spiritual awakening was complemented by her foray into the real estate market, where she aimed to provide quality housing options.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is more than a physical practice for Julia; it’s a way to maintain balance and integrity. Through yoga, she imparts knowledge that promotes kindness and health. Her teachings help individuals transform their lives, fostering a sense of well-being and mindfulness.

Why Real Estate?

Real estate, on the other hand, keeps Julia engaged in a dynamic, flexible schedule. It allows her to assist people in finding the best housing options within their budget. Julia believes that helping others find their perfect home is a reflection of self-care and community building.

Bridging the Gap: Personal Sacrifices and Professional Dedication

Julia’s life is a testament to dedication. Despite her thriving career, she often finds herself with little time for personal life. Her commitment to her dual pursuits highlights the sacrifices she makes to achieve her goals.

What Sets Julia Apart?

Jewelry: Dany Habib Jewelry Photo: Marina Shut

Energy and Belief: Julia’s unique energy and her belief in universal uniqueness set her apart. She sees everyone as inherently unique, which fuels her passion and drives her success.

Intuitive Decision-Making: Julia’s projects are guided by her intuition. She believes in being in a state where she can hear herself, making decisions that resonate deeply with her values and goals.

Love as a Motivator: Love, in its various forms, is Julia’s greatest motivator. Whether it’s love for people, nature, or life

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